Medicare Stars Physician Group Clinical Care Report Card - December 2014 Edition
  The Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) measures the performance of physician groups in treating their Medicare Advantage patients on a subset of the Medicare Stars clinical quality measures.

For each physician group, this report card shows an overall clinical star rating, as well as individual measure scores with corresponding star ratings for 14 measures.
  • To access the information in this report card, first select a county. The overall clinical star rating for all of the physician groups serving that county will appear in alphabetical order.
  • To view the performance on a specific measure, select that measure from the list on the left of the page. Physician group results will appear from highest (i.e., best) to lowest results.
Data for the Medicare Stars clinical measures are collected from participating health plans and from physician groups who self-reported results. Health plan-submitted rates are aggregated for a physician group across all contracted plans. If there is an aggregated health plan-submitted rate and a group-submitted rate for a measure, the official reported rate is the better rate (with a denominator of 30 or more).

Only electronic sources of data can be used, and all data must be audited. Restricting data to electronic sources encourages adoption of Health Information Technology in support of patient management, but creates challenges in collecting clinical data and measuring outcomes of care. Because of this restriction, the rates displayed in this report card are not comparable to measures that allow data to be extracted manually from patient charts.
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